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Photo Tutorials

Tips For BeginnersTips For Beginners

In this episode Mark will show us some tips for becoming a better photographer using the basic elements of composition.

Depth of FieldDepth of Field

In this episode Mark explains Depth of Field.

White BalanceWhite Balance

In this episode Mark Wallace discusses how different sources of light affect the colors of your photographs. Mark explains color temperature and white balance, and demonstrates how you can get the most accurate color in your images.

Exposure Exposure

In this episode Mark talks about the basics of exposure. Learn how the Aperture, Shutter and ISO work together to control how an image is exposed.

Understanding RAW FilesUnderstanding RAW Files

This week Mark Wallace explains the difference between RAW and JPEG. There's no right or wrong answer to the question "should I shoot RAW or JPEG?" but Mark will help explain the advantages of each format.

Macro BasicsMacro Basics

In this episode Mark will show us how to take those up close photos! Macro photography provides unique opportunities to produce creative and dramatic photos and Mark shows us a couple examples.

Understanding Stops Understanding Stops

In this episode Mark explains what stops are and how they are used to adjust exposure settings on your camera.

Understanding Camera SettingsUnderstanding Camera Settings

Pre-set modes like "Sports" and "Night Portrait" make it easy for us to just point and shoot. If you're new to photography, two of the most important things to learn are aperture and shutter speed settings as these will give you a lot of creative control.

Aperture ValuesAperture Values

In this episode Mark explains why f/2.8 is a large aperture opening and f/22 is a small aperture opening. Mark also discusses the meanings of the numbers on many lenses.

How the Shutter WorksHow the Shutter Works

In this episode Mark explains how the shutter works, shutter sync, and how to control the ambient light exposure while using a flash.


In this episode Mark discusses histograms and how you can use them to correct your exposure.

Focus BasicsFocus Basics

This week Mark goes over the basics of autofocus. Mark covers autofocus modes, the difference between drive modes and auto focus modes, adjusting the diopter and gives a few tips for using manual focus.

Slow Shutter MagicSlow Shutter Magic

This week Mark Wallace shows us how to use a slow shutter speed to get some really fun photos. By shooting at night with slow shutter speeds you can create interesting shapes with light.

Using Natural LightUsing Natural Light

In this episode Mark has some simple lighting tips that can help to improve your photos in different natural light situations.


In this episode Mark talks about panning. Panning is an easy way to create motion in your images. Use it for shooting sports, kids or anytime you want to create some motion in your shots.

Freezing Motion with your shutter Freezing Motion with your shutter

In this episode Mark talks about using a fast shutter speed to freeze motion. This is a great technique that can be used to capture sports or even kids on the move!


In this week's episode Mark answers a viewer's question regarding bracketing. Watch as Mark walks through the basic steps of exposure, flash, and focus bracketing.

Shooting FireworksShooting Fireworks

In this episode Mark shares 8 tips for capturing great fireworks photos.

Shooting Lightning Shooting Lightning

Do you want to know how to photograph lightning? In this episode Mark gives you 8 tips to help you get great lightning shots.


In this week's episode Mark answers a question about combining multiple images in Photoshop to create a unique special effect. Mark walks through studio set up and then moves on to the tips in tricks in Photoshop that can create a great composite image.

Night ShotsNight Shots

In this episode Mark Wallace shows you how to shoot at night using only the moon and stars as your source of light. Outtakes at the end of the video - Coyotes!

High Key & Low Key LightingHigh Key & Low Key Lighting

This week Mark Wallace talks about high key and low key lighting. In it's simplest terms a high key image is a bright image full of light and mostly white tones whilst a low key image is a dark with minimal lighting and rich in black tones and lots of ...

Golden HourGolden Hour

This week Mark shows you how to improve your photography by shooting during the "golden hour". Also watch the bloopers at the end of the video to see Mark pull a cactus out of his leg. Ouch!

Deserted FreewayDeserted Freeway

In this week's episode, Mark shows you how to shoot photos of busy places like freeways, but make it look completely deserted!

Inverse Square LawInverse Square Law

In this week's episode Mark Wallace explains the Inverse Square law and how it can improve your photography.

Lighting for Black and White PhotographyLighting for Black and White Photography

Mark explains how to best light a subject for black and white photography and get dramatic results. Learn how adjusting the position of light can change contrast in relation to the subject.

Street PhotographyStreet Photography

In this week's episode Mark answers several questions about street photography, with urban street portraiture as a focus. Watch as Mark walks through the process of capturing images while out and about in the city.

Trick or Treat PhotographyTrick or Treat Photography

Have you ever wanted to learn how to take those perfect photos of your children in low light situations like Halloween night? In this episode Mark will show you how to shoot those photos with just your camera and its built-in flash or an on camera flash.

Unusual Point of ViewUnusual Point of View

In this episode Mark will show us how to set up a camera and take an unusual point of view photo.

Stroboscopic FlashStroboscopic Flash

In this episode Mark shows us how to use the stroboscopic feature on a speedlight. Mark will demonstrate how to create unique images that capture motion.

Using the ColorChecker PassportUsing the ColorChecker Passport

In this week's episode Mark answers a question regarding color calibration and correction. Join Mark in the studio as he demonstrates the use of the ColorChecker Passport to achieve accurate and consistent color.

HDR BasicsHDR Basics

In this episode Mark explains the basics of HDR photography.

Calculating Hyperfocal DistanceCalculating Hyperfocal Distance

Sometimes when shooting, you want everything sharp from the front to the back of the scene. Setting a small aperture can help but if you really want to maximize depth of field, hyperfocal focusing is the technique you need to use.

Rear Curtain SyncRear Curtain Sync

In this episode Mark will show how some cameras offer the ability to fire the flash at just before the second curtain closes. This is called rear or second curtain sync and it is used to freeze motion at the end of the exposure.

Sync Speed and Flash DurationSync Speed and Flash Duration

In this episode Mark talks about sync speed and how to use a studio strobe to freeze action.

Angle of ViewAngle of View

This week Mark shows you how you can use your lens's angle of view to eliminate clutter in your images.

Choosing the Right Lens Choosing the Right Lens

In this episode Mark Wallace answers the question, "which lens should I buy?" Mark also describes perspective distortion and compression.

The 60 Minute ChallengeThe 60 Minute Challenge

Mark explains how to get outside and shoot a self-assignment in order to expand your photographic skills. He gives himself two assignments and spends an hour taking pictures and SEEING things that most people would just walk by.

Pet PhotographyPet Photography

In this week's episode Mark answers a viewer's question regarding pet photography and how to best capture images of our furry friends.

Basic Lighting SetupsBasic Lighting Setups

In this episode Mark demonstrates 7 basic lighting setups.

Composing PortraitsComposing Portraits

Watch this video to learn the do's and don'ts of portrait photography. Also learn how to break the rules. When can you chop off the top of someone's head or limbs? What are the real no-nos of portrait photography. Mark gives you the rules of thumb ...

Lighting RatiosLighting Ratios

In this episode Mark discusses lighting ratios.

Small Studio Flash TipsSmall Studio Flash Tips

In this episode Mark Wallace gives five tips for shooting with speedlights in a small studio.

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